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Log Cabin: $10.00
Bungalow: $25.00
Craftsman: $50.00
Tudor: $100.00
Georgian: $250.00
Edwardian: $500.00
Victorian: $1,000.00


Bronze: $100.00
Silver: $250.00
Gold: $500.00
Platinum: $1,000.00


Membership in the Plattsmouth Conservancy is open to anyone, even if you do not own an older house. Many of our members enjoy restoration work, have an interest in local history, or simply want to meet others with similar interests.

All memberships include invitations to monthly meetings and programs, as well as membership discounts to events hosted by the Conservancy.

Please complete the membership application and return it, along with your check or money order to the Plattsmouth Conservancy office at 437-1 Main Street, Plattsmouth, Nebraska 68048.

Remember, your donations and annual membership dues may be tax deductible; consult your tax adviser for further details.

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