What can you expect to find at this festival of whimsy? See below a list of events, attractions, and contest opportunities that will be available during the Steamship Landing Exposition: a Steampunk Festival, June 13-14, 2020 located in downtown Plattsmouth, Nebraska.


Teapot Racing

Description coming soon!

Parasol Dueling

Description coming soon!

Saturday Night Shenanigans

A ball! A ball? Is it a ball? What is a ball? "A gathering of genteel folks in fine dress with live music playing melodies that provide the appropriate tempo for ballroom dancing, with refreshments." Ok...maybe not a ball. So, a dance! Well, there will be dancing...there we be the option for dancing - it is not required. There will be a band. And a beer garden. So it's a bit more of a shindig. Not to be confused with a hoedown. But it will definitely be a good time which is sometimes referred to as, a ball! It's a ball after all.

Tea Party and Tea Duelling

Guests will enjoy a cup of fine tea and sweet and savory treats as they enjoy a presentation from a fine Victorian Lady who will give them a little peek under the skirts of those prim and proper Victorian ladies. (how utterly improper!)   It will be revealed what it really took to dress a Victorian lady including all the layers of underclothes that were necessary to be considered properly dressed including examples of all of these undergarments.  
Following the presentations guests will be invited to participate in a tea dueling contests where nerves of steel will be tested with close scrutiny and strict rules to determine who can take the longest to properly transfer a soggy tea biscuit from their tea cup to their mouth.  A prize will be awarded to the victor in this contest.

And more to come!




Weighing in at 35,000 lbs, holding 425 gallons of water (half full), this 1917 Minneapolis Threshing Company model 102 Canadian export steam powered threshing machine is a mammoth of a beast. She'll be on-site at the Steamship Landing Exposition and rumor has it she'll take a short but impressive journey.


Downtown Plattsmouth

What beautiful, historic buildings!


And more to come!