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The Plattsmouth Conservancy Community Costume Closet

Operated by the Plattsmouth Conservancy, the closet provides costumes without charge to local and neighboring community organizations for their events.  This ongoing undertaking strives to create, maintain, and have widely available a selection of apparel and accessories, largely Victorian in style, for women, men, and children.
The Closet is a true community endeavor.  In addition to being supported by the Plattsmouth Conservancy, grants and support have also been received from the Main Street Association and the Plattsmouth Community Foundation.  The Plattsmouth Journal generously donates the space housing the Closet, with Under His Wings providing added storage.  Privately donated apparel and fabrics from community members and volunteer time from local seamstresses have added immeasurably to the inventory available for groups to borrow.


If your organization is in need of period costumes for an event please contact one of the following individuals to make an appointment:

Leigh Jean Koinzan   (402) 206-7178      

Sandra Allgeier   (402) 298-1398        

Susanne Astley    (402) 578-6971

While the costumes are provided free of charge donations to help cover the ongoing costs of cleaning and repairs are welcome.  We would also be happy to receive any donations of vintage clothing and accessories from all eras if you are trying to figure out what to do with those old clothes hanging in the closet!

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